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Top 3 Reasons To Become A Build Plan B Partner

By September 26, 2017 One Comment

Chris Miguel

When I took a leap a few years ago and quit my job to work exclusively on the Build Plan B business, I knew I was taking a risk. Thankfully, it has been the best decision for my family, my career, and my personal life. But it’s not just about me; it’s about our team members, and after years of working closely with them, I’ve gotten to know what they care about and what motivates them. Here are their top 3 reasons for becoming a Build Plan B partner:

Part-Time Hours/ Full-Time Pay 

Tired of the 9-5? I get it. It can be extremely frustrating to work and work for years and either not earn the kind of income you deserve or to earn good money but to never have any time to enjoy it. Our system works in a way where our partners can make a great income but not have to work their lives away for it. We’re efficient in how we approach sales, and targeted marketing techniques allow us to reach people who are motivated to buy, so we don’t have to waste time or effort finding customers. We believe not just in working harder, but also in working smarter, which ultimately translates to getting things done faster. This is work that fits your life (rather than trying to plan your life around your work).


It’s not easy to fit in all the things we need to around our corporate jobs. Doctors appointments, vacations, family time, and a number of other events can be hard to schedule when we’re putting in the hours at the office. Our Build Plan B partners have the flexibility to create their own sales schedules and make sure they fit in all their work meetings as well as their personal appointments and events. No more having to miss that family reunion because it’s the busy season at your job. If you’re putting in the work and making things happen professionally, you can have the freedom to create your own schedule.

Be Your Own Boss

Let’s face it: some people just aren’t made for the kind of career where they’re micromanaged and given tasks to complete under a strict set of guidelines. Sure, there’s stability and other things to be gained for those kinds of experiences, but for individuals who are tired of that kind of life and looking to break out of the corporate rat race, there’s a different option. Our Build Plan B partners have the creativity, the drive, and the vision to be their own boss. That doesn’t mean they’re working alone; we have a very supportive team, and who all uplift and encourage each other while also working to keep ourselves accountable. Still, the autonomy and control you have as your own entrepreneur brings a freedom that you just can’t find in the corporate world.

Listen, I’m not going to lie to you and say that it’ll be easy or that you’ll be earning 6 figures in your first few weeks. But if you’re motivated, passionate, wanting a better income and life for yourself, and are ready to provide quality products to our customers, I’d be pleased to have you on my team and show you how to have the kind of success that I’ve had. Let’s get started!

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