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4 Awful Sales Tactics to Avoid

By October 2, 2017 One Comment

Sales & marketing isn’t just a business, it’s a skill set, even an art. Its not easy to convince someone to pay their hard earned money in exchange for a product or service you’re providing. You have to be approachable, likable, confident, and informed. That’s a lot! But we’ve all experienced salespeople who are less than great. We can actually learn a lot from them about what NOT to do. Here are some sales tactics to avoid:

False Pretenses

Marketers & entrepreneurs often try to use the curiosity factor to their advantage, then they spring a sales pitch on someone. Don’t do that! No one likes the bait and switch. You don’t have to give away your whole angle right away, but don’t lie or stretch the truth about what you’re after.

I know someone who put up an advertisement online for a car she was selling. She got a phone call from a man asking her all about the car, and after speaking for several minutes, the man suddenly revealed he was actually a salesman trying to sell to her. She was not impressed by his dishonesty, and needless to say, no sale happened.

Unsolicited Sales Attempts

Listen, cold-calling has its place, but for the most part, you’re going to be much more successful (and less annoying!) when you try to convince someone who you already have a relationship with. One of the most successful marketing tactics for sales conversions and repeat business is email subscription lists. Know why? Because a customer has already shown interest in you! They made a move and expressed that they wanted to know about you have to offer, which then made an opportunity for you to close on a sale. Strive to have a connection before you try to sell to anyone. Don’t be afraid to ask someone if they’d like to know more about your product, but sales & marketing is a two-way conversation: sometimes the ball is in their court, and you should only play it when it’s in yours.

Too Much Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is a signature of selling. We want the customer to buy our product or service, and we know that the sooner they commit, the more likely the sale is to actually happening. Slogans like “this deal ends Friday” or early bird specials are some common examples of this. Still, there is such a thing as overdoing it to the point that someone feels pressured and uncomfortable. For me personally, as soon as I sense that someone is essentially trying to force me to do something, I’m out in a split second. Don’t burn your leads by being too aggressive (oh, and cool it with the exclamation marks!).

Foul/ Dirty Language

I really can’t believe this happens, but it does. Appealing to our target demographic is important, and sure there are people who think swearing is funny or isn’t that bad, but by and large this is something to avoid. It doesn’t mean you’re a prude to avoid dirty language, it means you’re smart! Sure we want to be down to earth, and we want to find ways to stand out, but cursing is not the way to go. Vulgarity is a complete turn off for me, not to mention that it’s completely unprofessional. There are other ways to be edgy (if that’s what you’re going for). Don’t take the risk, and keep your language appropriate.

What are some sales/ marketing tactics
that YOU find terrible?

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