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4 Challenges of First-Time Marketers (And How to Resolve Them!)

By September 27, 2017 No Comments

At Build Plan B, we tell our partners to dream big as to what their future could be. We stand by our words that our team members can go far in their incomes and living their lives the way they want, but we don’t hide that fact there’s a learning curve, and those new to the game can have an adjustment period as they learn the ropes of online sales. Here are 4 common challenges of newbie marketers (and ways to resolve them!):

Lack Of Confidence

Particularly for beginners, it’s not easy contacting a new lead, making a sales pitch, or giving a presentation on a product line. Fear of rejection is a real thing, and being turned down can be a blow to your self-esteem. It’s vulnerable to put ourselves out there. Also, what if someone asks a question we don’t quite know how to answer? Problems with confidence are common, and no marketer is immune. Thankfully, time, experience, and support can help you work through this challenge. We provide extensive training so our partners know how to educate and answer questions about the products we market. Also, every time you do make the sale, it gives you more confidence that you can do this and be successful!

Being Self-Motivated

It’s great being your own boss, but it also means that no one is going to think twice if you take a day (or six) off. Our team calls and meetings help us stay energized, but those who don’t take initiative on their own will likely struggle. Being self-employed means that you understand that no one just hands you money; you have to go out and hustle for it, and in our business, there’s no such thing as phoning it in and getting a paycheck. Discipline is key, and those who go far know how to get up out of bed in the morning and get things done.

Fear of Running Out of Leads

Sales is built on contacts, and marketers sometimes experience anxiety that they’ll run out of leads. What if you contact everyone on your list and they all say no? Will anyone else ever be interested in the products I’m selling? We all run into walls from time to time, but this can be an opportunity to rethink your approach, re-strategize, and look for other sales funnel openings that may be more profitable. Once again, our training helps our partners move past these barriers and tap into their creativity to help them find new sources of leads.

Consistence & Patience

It’s very, very possible for our partners to have great financial success in selling in a relatively short period of time (I earned over $200K in my first 12 months). Still, things don’t happen overnight, and it can take some time to see your return on investment. We like to see the fruits of our labors, and partners who persist will see the reward, but they must be patient and consistent in their work efforts. While we all need time to relax, we can’t be complacent if we want to meet the goals we set for ourselves. Individuals who win put in the time and trust the process.


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