Who We Are 

In 2008, I had a great career and a decent income in a sales job, but I found myself unfulfilled professionally and creatively and also not having enough time with my family. I was drawn to the idea of online marketing, but I wondered if there were really ways to make money from home and be my own boss. After doing a lot of research, I discovered what you yourself likely already know: there are a lot of companies these days promising work from home opportunities. Unfortunately, the majority of these have high upfront costs, pressure you to sell to everyone you know, and often only offer marketing training videos. I was disappointed, but thankfully, I didn’t stop there, and I eventually discovered there was a better way: selling affordable, valuable products (not videos), not using high-pressure sales tactics that scared off friends, and still creating that passive stream of income (also known as earning money while you sleep).

This is a business model that actually delivers the residual income that everyone’s looking for. We have a great team of individuals who are motivated, passionate, and smart; we’re up on the latest in all things marketing, and we know how to deliver quality products and service while also providing a more flexible and financially profitable life for ourselves and our families. We’d love for you to join us!

Sincerely, Jeff Stutz & Team