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Why You Need To Be Using The Products You Market

By October 4, 2017 No Comments

Have you ever watched a commercial where an actor or celebrity is pushing a product that they definitely don’t use? An MMA fighter as a spokesperson for a fast food burger restaurant, or an actress touting a $10 at-home hair dye? Sure, they may be raking in the dough, but they’re not fooling anyone: (A professional athlete just is not eating burgers, and that insanely rich woman is getting salon service every time). And while it’s true that star power is a major selling point, when it comes to sales & marketing efforts that aren’t in the billions of dollars range, it’s so much better to keep things real. Here are 4 reasons that you yourself need to be using the products that you market:

Establish Credibility

When I go to restaurants, I often ask the server what his/ her favorite food is on the menu. There’s no way to guarantee their honesty, of course, but still you can learn a lot about the best items from people who know about them. Your job isn’t simply to sell, it’s also to educate and to make sure that consumers get the best experience with our products and with our brand. If you want people to trust you and take you seriously when you say that a certain item will help them improve their health, fitness, or life in any way, you should feel so strongly about it that you use it too.

We talk a lot about niche markets, and our target demographics are going to be looking to us for answers to their questions (hence why I’m probably not the best person in the world to sell Younique lipstick). Get to know what you’re selling by using the stuff yourself, and people will trust you, thus increasing the likeliness of business.

Increased Motivation To Sell

We market for a lot of reasons. Yes, it’s about the dollars, but there are a million things we can sell today, so it’s more than just that. In my 20+ years of experience, I’ve found that unsurprisingly, the things that we sell best are the things we like best. Shocker, right? If I don’t believe in a product or service, I simply am not going to be as motivated to encourage others to try it. But if it’s something that has truly helped me or improved the quality of my life, then of course I want to share it with others in the marketplace.

Better Knowledge & Understanding of the Products

A core component of our trainings is to become educated on the newest products released. We want to know what the research and developments teams have come up with so we can know how to promote certain things that our customers are wanting. I’m not saying you have to use every single thing regularly- we’ve got a lot! Still, even just sampling them or testing them helps you know how best to explain and market what we’re trying to share.


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