Executive BPB Partner

A little bit about me

My wife Kellie is a beautician and I worked years as a mechanic at Hill Air Force Base. We have always worked hard, saved, and made family our priority. Between the two of us we have been wise and budgeted well so that we could live a pretty secure financial life and be able to enjoy things. We are also very active and live healthy. Health and fitness are very important to us. We are also very driven to succeed and accomplish whatever we can to be successful and take care of our children and provide opportunities for them.

Why I love what I do

We started this journey with BuildPlanB in November of 2013. When I first looked into this, I was shocked at the value. We could save money and shop for safer, healthier more effective products for our home and personal fitness. We have saved money every month and we have shared it with others. Not only have we made more in 7 months than we did in the last two years, but our lifestyle and family time has been priceless. We love helping others achieve their dreams with us. This experience has been amazing to say the least. I didn’t believe that there was actually a company that could deliver on the promise of true residual income and benefits everyone end customer.