Founding BPB Partner

A little bit about me

It was just a little over 5 years ago that I found myself turning 41.  Yikes!  I was the typical hard-working very ambitious corporate guy who had worked his way up the so-called ladder of success only to become keenly aware that success doesn’t mean fulfillment, quality of life or an incredible future.  Not to mention, I knew even with providing a lot of value to my employers, I was still very expendable and replaceable.  My work experience includes sales, consulting and training for 11-years with Franklin Covey, a leadership development firm, and 5-years over-seeing the business marketing & training with a consumer goods manufacturer.   With my beautiful wife and five children I am not a big risk-taker, but I love to work hard as long as there are big rewards and I love to play hard.

Why I love what I do

Sometimes I just have to pinch myself.  I took this leap with Build Plan B just over 5-years ago.  I earned more in my first year and every year since than I have ever earned in my life.  Best of all I have a solid residual income  – you know the stuff everyone promises but fail to deliver for obvious reasons.  Our business model is the only one of its kind that fulfills that promise.  Seriously.  The best part is that we work as a team, helping others achieve the same thing.  This is the most fulfilling thing I have done in my life and we are helping so many families get their lives back.