Jeri Lyn

Executive BPB Partner

A little bit about me

I worked in the mortgage industry for years. For a long time I really enjoyed it, but then in 2008 everything changed with the housing collapse. The work was no longer fun. The hours and stress became endless. The declining income became to hard to justify with the amount of work being done. I felt hopeless and didn’t see things changing anytime soon. My husband Todd and I both started to search for new opportunities, that’s when a friend of ours introduced us to BuildPlanB. It’s been an answer to our prayers.

Why I love what I do

As a mother, my family is the single most important thing to me.  Providing security and opportunity for my loved ones is what drives me. Since becoming part of this wonderful team and company we have been able to re-establish our lives and we have grown tremendously as we have been able to reach out and help countless others do the same.  Our team is amazing, we are very blessed!