Executive BPB Partner

A little bit about me

Even though I have worked in corporate America my entire life, I have always done entrepreneur things on the side. Some of these efforts have taken a lot more time and money than I actually earned. Those late nights and long weekends however, have paid off enormously as I have applied those skills here with BuildPlanB. Finally, I have the right vehicle that has enabled me to replace my job after just a few short months and as help me earn a reliable income and lifestyle that I have worked so hard to create.

Why I love what I do

In my past experiences I enjoyed working, but now I love working. We have an amazing team environment and these people have become some of my best friends. We travel together, work together and play together. The time I now get with family has been the greatest blessing. I no longer have to make such difficult sacrifices like before. My wife gets to stay home and take care of our children instead of dropping them off and going to a job. We have also been able to give back to others and help them during this difficult economic time. I truly cannot believe where my life is today compared to just 18 months ago. Compete turn-around.