Executive BPB Partner

A little bit about me

5 years ago I found myself working as a Structural Engineer in a great job, great perks, great benefits, but I was still unhappy. I was the perfect candidate for someone who was “Successfully Discontent”. I wanted more out of life than what the corporate world was offering. I had been taught by my father to be a dreamer, and this was not my dream. I accomplished what the world wanted me to accomplish, achieved my degree in Civil Engineering and was having great success in my profession. I was living what most people call the “Dream Life”, yet I was completely discontent. I wanted more from life. I wanted to be able to have time to spend with my beautiful family. I wanted to live life on my own terms. I was financially broke (living paycheck to paycheck) and emotionally broken. I finally was at a critical tipping point in my life where I had to make a change. Build Plan B offered everything I was looking for. It showed me a work program that if put into application would create the “Dream Life”. Build Plan B has given me life. It has given me a light at the end of the tunnel. It has given me a new reason to live and dream.

Why I love what I do

I love what I do because I have the chance on a daily basis to influence people for good. One of my favorite quotes, “You can have everything you want in life by helping enough people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar. I love working with people to help identify their dreams, aspirations, and goals. I enjoy helping them achieve their goal through hard work and a program that offers value to everyone involved. I love connecting with and getting to know new people on a day to day basis and learning what makes them “tick”. I know there are so many people out there that are currently where I was 5 years ago looking for something to make life better and I want to find those people and help them have what I have now. An AMAZING life!