Executive BPB Partner

A little bit about me

I have spent 16 years in the finance and banking industries and hold an MBA. I also have consulted on various start-up businesses and many real estate ventures. In 2008, I found that my livelihood was diminishing as a result of the weakening economy and turmoil on Wall Street. I initially pursued other traditional corporate jobs based on my experience and background but found good jobs to be few and far between. My best opportunity required relocation overseas for a 5-year contract.  Thankfully at this time a friend educated me on this unique business concept. I did my research and found it was a legitimate way for me to become an entrepreneur and train and coach others to succeed.

Why I love what I do

As an entrepreneur I have always search for ways to earn a great living while helping others.  This business model allows me to team-up, mentor and coach others while building a successful business and organization that created ongoing residual income.  I love working with people and have found that there are thousands of people just like me looking for a new beginning.  Skeptical, yes, but what we have all found is incredible.  Impressively my earnings here have exceeded everything else I have done in my career and I am securing my family’s financial future!